Global Algorithmic Suite

Liquidity Solutions
SEEK Accesses displayed and non-displayed liquidity based on urgency (below) and market conditions. Urgency parameter will control overall market impact. 
DarkSEEK Accesses non-displayed liquidity only based on urgency (below) and market conditions. Urgency parameter will control overall market impact. 
BLITZ Sends IOC's to all non displayed markets, while sweeping the displayed markets up to the limit price. Safeguards exist for orders without limit prices. 
Patience  Works in phases to source liquidity actively, passively, or selectively based on current state of the order and the nature of the security. Designed for hard to trade names with wide spreads. Will access both - displayed and non-displayed markets. 
Benchmark Solutions
VWAP Trade along the stock's expected volume curve over a specified timeframe.
VolPart Trade as a specified percentage of the consolidated tape volume. Has built-in safeguards to protect against market impact of 'catching up' to large block prints on an order by order basis.
Opener Trade an order, or portion of the order, in the Opening Auction and cancel or work any leaves per trader specified algo and limit.
Finale Utilizes a combination of technical indicators to obtain an average price as close to the Closing price as possible.
Strike Optimizes execution speed based upon urgency, market impact and risk.
TWAP Trade uniformly over a specified time.
Post Passively trades on the bid/ offer, attempting to provide liquidity without crossing the NBBO. May post out loud based on the average display size of the stock. 
Workflow Solutions
TRADER Traders can switch between strategies with a click of a button. They can also trade along with a working algorithm by directing it to hit bids/ offers, check dark pools or pause/ resume it at various times during the execution. 
MultiScale Tiered strategy which allows the trader to work an order using a combination of up to three algorithms - at various (absolute or relative) price levels. 
List Based Algorithms 
Portfolio  Will balance the portfolio based on inputs and Style (Cash Balanced/ Beta Neutral/ IS/ Dark Only/ Execution Balanced). Algo will attempt to optimize executions by considering factors such as correlation, risk and trade difficulty. 
Pairs Three different styles offered: Ratio, Net Returns, and Risk Arb (set up, unwind, or reverse a deal).