Strategy & Economics

Global Strategy

Jefferies' Global Fixed Income and Equity strategy team delivers insightful and thought-provoking daily market commentary with viewpoints that span all global markets and asset classes, supplementing Fixed Income and Equity product-specific research. Jefferies also provides relevant and timely content to clients through regular email commentary, weekly publications, long-term macroeconomic forecasts, one-on-one meetings and speaking engagements, including the Global Macro Speaker Series.

Fixed Income Strategy publications:

  • Global Macro Daily Commentary
  • Weekly Global Macro Monitor
  • Monthly U.S. Housing Monitor

Equity Strategy publications:

  • Monthly Equity Research Conviction List
  • Global Asset Fundflow Tracker
  • Equity Market Outlook

Global Economics

Sitting within Jefferies Fixed Income is a devoted Economics research team, focused on the U.S. and European economies. Our research includes analysis of monetary policy and fiscal policy developments, as well as macroeconomic forecasts. The teams sit with the respective government securities traders on the trading floor and regularly meet to discuss their views and outlook with clients from across the firm. Both teams travel extensively.

The U.S. Economics team is responsible for the Jefferies U.S. economic, Federal Reserve, Treasury financing and fiscal policy analysis and outlook. The European Economics team covers the Eurozone and the UK, with a heavy focus on the policy debate.

U.S. Economics publications:

  • The Daily Market Crib Sheet
  • Intraday Analysis of Economic Data Releases
  • Weekly Economic and Bond Market Insight
  • Monthly U.S. Economic Outlook

European Economics publications:

  • Regular European Economic Commentaries
  • Monthly European Economic Outlook

If you would like access to our research, please contact your Jefferies representative.


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